Losing your things is a story of the past













You kept your keys somewhere and now it appears to be nowhere, certainly not in the racket by the side of the door where they are supposed to be found, and now you are over an hour late for work! Kitchen, drawers, work bag, and wait! Finally, there it is under the courier packet that you brought in last night!

Losing things is irritating, and yet many a time we are forgetful. Phycologists say that an average person misplaces up to 9 items a day, and one-third of the respondents in a poll suggested that they spent an average of 15 minutes a day searching for items – cell phones and keys top the list, according to an online survey including 3,000 people, published by a British company.

This is where beacon-based tracking devices come in. These devices give you the easiest and most efficient way to track and locate any of your things that you have misplaced, forgot or lost. All you have to do is this- Purchase the tracker device and attach it to any of the things you don’t want to lose or misplace, but usually do. Whenever you want to locate the item, you can just ring the device from the tracker app on your phone or from the website to know where it is. In case you lose your things, the app also lets you track the location and time at which it was last found, so that you can locate and recover it easily.

So, if you are a person who routinely misplaces your things, go get a beacon tracker device now. No more digging through your bag wondering what you did with your car keys or glasses. No more tearing apart your couch wondering where the remote control is hiding.



Losing your things is a story of the past

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