What better place than your fortress to protect your tiny tots from all the danger that lurks out? There is no counter point to the cliché idea that the safest place for your little ones would very much be your home. It is quite unreasonable to interfere in your child’s world, keeping a check on every activity that runs down his list.  Children are such delicate beings, their small world having zillion expressions. So what more comforting than having a smart solution of getting to monitor how well your child’s doing the whole day without playing the conventional ‘STRICT TEACHER’ part. You sure would not want to stumble on their little world of happiness. PINMICRO hence, put forth the smartest solution of all times!

We generate the most accurate location based services in diverse sectors for enabling a wide variety of functions. Thanks to the advancement in our technology, keeping track of children has become much easier. For hover parents who constantly worry where your child is, we provide easy solution to track your child. The accelerated maturity of today’s children contributes to their misguided route in life towards plenty of mal practices. Therefore, our devices primarily focuses on monitoring and attendance management of students in school. Giving you exact information of the student whereabouts and their frequent movement in school premises. The information thus helps parent track their children’s behavioural aspects too. The details of the activities he/she gets involved in gives you an overall report of their interest, likes and dislikes. A time when we rarely have any guarantee over the safety measures upon our kids and have so much fear about their travel related needs, we present you the whole information check of your child in digital form, unusual exits would be determined. The entry zone of schools could be marked safe in order to avoid entry of any illegal element in the premises. These notifications thus helps gives you all that you want to know about your dear ones.

Nonetheless, a child presents a terrifying paradox for mothers and fathers, in that the time when you must learn to let them go is the very time their need for guidance is the greatest because the consequences they potentially face are the direst. So, PINMICRO shares the idea that the common ground shared by parents and the children is a great place to begin establishing communication.


Pinmicro joins hands with Toppan, and NEXPOINT to release new IoT service

Toppan Printing  Co. Ltd, Japans largest system integrator, along with Pinmicro and Nexpoint has developed a new employee management system called “BLE / NVR  monitoring service”, which is using Bluetooth technology to collect employees identification information such as name, location and so on which in turn gets  integrated with the camera monitoring video . This helps in precise managing of its employees. It enables you to build a management system with lower costs involved.

This service is efficient and defined in a way that its usage is not limited to indoors such as a factory or a warehouse, but also for outdoors such as a construction site. Toppan is going to launch the pilot version of this service on September 2016, and start this service as early as March 2017.

BLE/NVR monitoring service is a joint venture that was developed in association with Pinmicro KK (Location: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tiby Kuruvila) by virtue of the BLE technology and NEXPOINT Inc. (Location: Cyuou-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akihiro Sakuma) by means of NVR technology.

It helps us to track the location of the employee precisely by integrating the data obtained through the BLE sensors with the monitor video.

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A case scenario 

For a construction site, the first and foremost action is to set a monitor camera that contains BLE sensor. Employees should then be assigned or authorize to carry BLE device (card type) as their ID cards. When they come near the camera, the sensor detects the BLE devices in its vicinity and collects information such as the time at which the person was located, the exact location and who the person is, you can check those data by tablet devices or PC. Furthermore, this service displays the employee’s information collected by BLE sensors on monitor video’s images, which enables you to easily verify the person on the images. Employees do not have to touch the card reader. In other words there is absolutely no need of a touch action.

This service can detect accurate location and monitor it by using BLE sensor developed by Pinmicro and NVR system developed by NEXPOINT.Compared to other services, it is easier to initiate this service. You can also cut the costs of initiation by about 50%.

This service was displayed at the Auto ID Expo (Location: Tokyo Big site, Organised by Japan Automatic Identification Systems Association) which was held from Sept. 14 th to 16 th 2016. The event garnered interests from many quarters.

Why this service?

Recently, in building industry, there are increasing needs to get accurate location information of employees as it is vital for the managers to record the entry/exit of employees for improved security and safety.  Managers had deployed Video cameras to monitor the employees, however since it cannot provide the accurate location information of employees, it was considered not sufficient to manage the employees. In any Wi-Fi monitoring service or for that matter any other monitoring service, employees need to have touch ID card readers for the managers to collect the information .The problem with such a service is that the managers may not be able to collect the exact information because in many cases the employees might forget to perform the touch action with their card readers. Furthermore, in order to collect accurate location information, lots of sensors and cameras had to be set inside the facility and this leads to higher initiation costs.

In order to solve these problems, Toppan developed a new system that enables you to manage employees’ location information by integrating video camera’s images and location information. It is cheaper to install this system, mainly because it is using BLE technology.


–  BLE location detection technology and NVR monitor video system enables accurate location management.
–  It is a Low cost service
– Active tags or Wi-Fi system was difficult to introduce because hardware was expensive. By using BLE technology and cloud environment service, introduction costs became lower.



Toppan’s goal is to achieve ¥100,000,000- revenue in 2017 by offering this service and orders related to this service.
Furthermore, Toppan is going to develop technologies with Pinmicro and NEXPOINT and expand the use of this service to commercial facilities, health facilities, and so on.


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Pinmicro joins hands with Toppan, and NEXPOINT to release new IoT service


凸版印刷株式会社ならびにNexpoint 株式会社と「BLE/NVR 監視サービス」を共同開発いたしました。
作業員の氏名や位置などを BLE センサーで検知し、監視映像と連動させることで、作業者の位置情報を正確に取得、管理することができるシステムです。
本製品は、2016 年9 月14 日(水)~16 日(金)に開催される「第18 回自動認識総合展」(会場:東京ビッグサイト)のトッパンブースで展示されます。






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Ever thought that a massive data breach at an event could be assembled through a one touch process? Now that the mobile world is exploding with tech – innovations in every nook and corner of the horizon, data positioning is a much easier process.

Our robust technology platforms have always been successful in capturing the world in a single web, however the large inventory data is a problem to spot and often goes through a cascading series to achieve a systematic arrangement. PINMICRO serves this unique need – simplifying business and staying connected. In short, a sensor analytic solution to a location based service provider helping customers organise end to end solutions. Being titled as the change makers of 2016, PINMICRO has emerged as a multi layered security strategy for the era and improves operational performance of any institution connected to.  Our insights combat the machine generated data, by giving industry specific censoring and effective results.

Hosting a huge data base clearly gives PINMICRO an upper hand with the diversity in its application and flexibility. Currently at the heart of discussions, the technology defines multifaceted purposes like monitoring and tracking, data collection and real time protection. The potential benefits being big as a well, PINMICRO caters to all the vital needs ensuring a safe and sound lifestyle bounded by technology.

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