The guide for you in a Shopping Mall!!

Suppose you are planning to visit a Shopping Mall which was recently opened. The place is so crowded. How easily could you locate a shop of your choice, if you are in there for the first time? Tough isn’t it? You might get the direction maps inside the shopping mall, or you could ask for help from the information desk. All these are time-consuming and what many would relish is a solution that is speedy and at the same time accurate.

shopping mall vector

Keeping these things in mind ‘Pinmicro’ brings you some excited solutions that would help you in guiding through the mall to your required destination. Our beacon based solutions in Indoor navigation helps you pretty well especially in areas where GPS often fails to deliver. Accuracy is what this kind of solutions need and our indoor positioning algorithms are precise and accurate to serve that purpose.

Your smartphone with the beacon related application takes the role of your guide. It communicates with beacons in the mall to receive data that simply shows the directions on your phone. Getting to your destination becomes easier than ever.

The guide for you in a Shopping Mall!!

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