Bring in your customers !!

If your shop is located at, not so easily accessible parts of a shopping Mall, there are chances that you may miss out some good amount of customers. These types of situations occur when the customers find it difficult to reach the specified location or if they are unaware about your shop or about the good prospects of the products that your shop offers


Marketing your shop and the products that you offer is indeed a good idea. But what the present time demands is an innovative strategy that can target the customers in the right manner. As discussed in the previous article, our solutions offer shopping mall visitors with one of the finest shopping experience with indoor navigation technique that direct them to preferred locations.


With beacon solutions people can easily get to know about various locations of a shopping mall. All they need is a smartphone with our application installed in it. So even if your shop is located in the interiors, customers would find it easy to get the directions through this solution. Employing proximity marketing techniques along with this is a much fruitful idea in these scenarios. The idea of sending targeted advertisements based on the location of the visitors is a strategy which could help the retailers in boosting their sales by large numbers.

Bring in your customers !!

The guide for you in a Shopping Mall!!

Suppose you are planning to visit a Shopping Mall which was recently opened. The place is so crowded. How easily could you locate a shop of your choice, if you are in there for the first time? Tough isn’t it? You might get the direction maps inside the shopping mall, or you could ask for help from the information desk. All these are time-consuming and what many would relish is a solution that is speedy and at the same time accurate.

shopping mall vector

Keeping these things in mind ‘Pinmicro’ brings you some excited solutions that would help you in guiding through the mall to your required destination. Our beacon based solutions in Indoor navigation helps you pretty well especially in areas where GPS often fails to deliver. Accuracy is what this kind of solutions need and our indoor positioning algorithms are precise and accurate to serve that purpose.

Your smartphone with the beacon related application takes the role of your guide. It communicates with beacons in the mall to receive data that simply shows the directions on your phone. Getting to your destination becomes easier than ever.

The guide for you in a Shopping Mall!!

Solutions that serve your needs!!

With mobile phones and other wireless devices taking over the world, marketing strategies have also gone considerable change when compared to the past years. Online shopping is slowly becoming the choice of most of the customers. So the need of the hour for all retail sales is to take up innovative ideas that would help them boost sales.


Proximity marketing is one such marketing technique that would help retailers to push advertisements to people based on their location. This method is bound to attract the consumers especially in areas like shopping malls. Suppose a guy named Mr X is out for a shopping during his holidays. He might not have an intention to buy a specified product. It’s a holiday and he is out there to visit a shopping mall. Here he is a potential customer and the conversion of making him a customer is what should be focused on.

Our solution helps you exactly do the same . The beacon in the retail stores sends out signals to the smartphone of the customer while he passes through within a specified range of the store. Exactly then Mr X gets notified through his smartphone about some of the finest offers that the store has in it for him. It makes maximum use of proximity marketing potential and from the customers perspective, it lets them pick the best deals.

Solutions that serve your needs!!

BeaconPlus beacons are iBeacon certified!!

iBeacon certification is given to only those devices which meet the criterions specified under ‘Made for iPhone program’. This is specially meant for all third party manufacturers who build products under Bluetooth based BLE technology. Apple has started this program to widen the scope of beacon technology and give a certification corresponding to them stamping a performance standard


BeaconPlus beacons now come with iBeacon certification thereby conforming to the performance standards set by Apple. This certification particularly guarantees that our devices are compatible with all Apple devices alike and ensures a higher assurance compatibility.

BeaconPlus beacons are iBeacon certified!!

Sticker beacons are here!!

Beacons are normally small devices and they are able to emit tiny radio signals. BeaconPlus beacons come in nicely packages cases which are smart to look and easy to handle.


Further revolutionizing the concept, we have gone a step forward by introducing sticker beacons which are even smaller in size. Being smaller in size they can be handled even more easily without any loss in the actual functionalities of beacons. BeaconPlus stickers can be stuck anywhere of your choice without consuming much of the space.

BeaconPlus stickers consist of the same intrinsic features as that of normal BeaconPlus beacons. The hardware part remains the same and hence thereby replicating all the existing features of normal beacons. But with sticker beacons you get the chance to use beacons for all kinds of location based purposes as it can be attached to any objects without any constraints of size.

Sticker beacons are here!!

Welcome to the world of BeaconPlus..

Technology has spread its wings in such a fashion that it has allowed many innovations to sow and prosper. The barriers have been broken and the horizon onto which the latest technologies can be applied has expanded seamlessly.


Keeping this ample scope in mind, the makers of BeaconPlus product has hit the tech market by storm. BeaconPlus has announced its advent in style with its wide diaspora of features speaking high of its credibility and usability. The services of location based information delivery system takes a propelled position with the arrival of Beacon Plus. The ‘iBeacon’ certification stands as a testimony of brilliance of BeaconPlus.

BeaconPlus offers exciting range of solutions in the areas of

  • Proximity Marketing
  • Tourism
  • Digital Signage
  • Indoor Navigation
  • Inventory management

What is a Beacon?

If you go by the English dictionary, the word beacon would get a meaning ‘signal’. Beacon Plus beacon only inherits a part of that meaning into its features. A beacon in its simplest term is a small wireless device powered by coin – cell batteries. Being small they can be fitted to any space, indoor/outdoor. They are capable enough to emit tiny radio signals that can be detected by any smart devices.

This is where beacons take prime stage in Beacon Plus. They serve purpose whenever there is a need of content delivery based on location. Smartphones coupled with the beacons establishes a firm path for location based information delivery system. Smartphones can detect the signals transmitted from the beacons and hence establishing the communication path. The BeaconPlus beacons have a life span of up to 2 years which makes them energy efficient as well as eco-friendly.

The BeaconPlus SDK:

Mobile applications are soaring into newer heights. The BeaconPlus SDK offers any application with the service of Beacon based promotion services. Integrating BeaconPlus SDK with the mobile applications establishes the all needed connection.

The SDK is designed with powerful API’s that considerably reduces the efforts of a developer. It allows indoor positioning and navigation even without writing complicated code. BeaconPlus SDK has the added advantage of supporting its own beacon as well as other vendor’s popular hardware.

BeaconPlus SDK uses the ‘Geo fencing Technology’ to cater the need of location based information delivery. The customizable Geo Fencing technology enables various options like receiving location information even while the app is not running.

BeaconPlus Cloud:

High level security system of the BeaconPlus cloud ensures complete safety of the data being stored in the cloud. Collections of multiple tools make BeaconPlus cloud a multi-faceted entity. The big chunks of data stored are processed to provide various analytic services. Moreover, the BeaconPlus cloud acts as a perfect single integrated platform to control beacons, contents etc.

BeaconPlus console facilitates monitoring and management of the beacons in an easy and simpler manner. The beacon script in the Beacon Plus allows fast and quick deployment of various information that have to be pushed. All the activities of beacons are recorded and stored in the cloud. Analysis of this data accounts for various marketing and business services and the web based reporting tool provides the same.

Welcome to the world of BeaconPlus..